Tuning Relationships with Music® Level One training: Orientation and Assessment

European Music Therapy Conference 2022- Pre-Conference Training for Registered Music Therapists.

Tuning Relationships with Music® Level One training: Orientation and Assessment.

Tuning Relationships with Music® is an evidence-based systemic therapy for parents who have experienced abuse or neglect and their children, designed to help them have the attuned, connected relationship they long to have with each other. Musical exercises help families to learn safe ways of communicating, and to manage conflict in respectful, healthy ways. Music allows for a focus on non-verbal and somatic aspects of interpersonal processes that may drive and escalate conflict. The method draws theoretically on complex trauma frameworks, and emotion-focussed/attachment-based family therapy methods including the Emotion Coaching framework developed by Dr John Gottman and colleagues.

Training is available to professionals who are working therapeutically with parents who have experienced trauma and their children. To join this training participants need to be qualified and registered as a music therapist.

Tuning Relationships with Music (TRM) is a rich, informative, interactive, music-based & trauma-informed professional training. The TRM training & manual tools have boosted my confidence to approach dyadic work with parents and adolescents, in an engaging way through musical exercises that focus on non-verbal, somatic & mindfulness-based skills.

- Quote from a registered Music Therapist & Occupational Therapist (Youth & Adult Mental Health)

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Date and time
8.30am - 5pm
£120 (use FLASH20 for £20 discount if booked before 20th May)