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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility on this website is guided by government standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG are widely accepted as the international standard for accessibility on the web.

Whilst we aim to make this website accessible to all users and achieve a conformance level ‘AAA’; we continually work with stakeholders to ensure that conformance level ‘A’ is adhered to as a minimum.

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Adjusting Text Size

Internet Explorer
Go to “View” on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom

Go to “View” on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom. Alternatively hold down the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key to increase text size. To reduce the latter hold down the “Ctrl” button and press the minus (-) key.

Please note that the above settings may differ depending on the browser version.

Text To Speech

Many computers and mobile devices today have built in text-to-speech software. Here are guides for each of the major browsers and devices:

Click here to download Google Speak and select the Add to Chrome button

Windows Edge
Open the Edge browser and then click on Read Aloud Option or on your keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + U

Android Apps
Click here to download Read Aloud for Android phones or tablets

Click here to download Voice Aloud Reader for Apple devices. Choose your device when you download. Or go to your Apple App store and search Voice Aloud Reader