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Impact and News

We are proud of the impact of our work across numerous different settings and always endeavour to embody our values (share, dare, deepen, listen and care) in our work. Read on to find out more about how our services and funded projects are positively impacting on the lives of our wide range of service users.

Music as Healing: In conversation with Yamaha Europe and Rosie Axon

Chiltern Music Therapy founder, Rosie Axon, recently spoke on the Benefits of Music podcast from Yamaha Music Europe to discuss how music therapy can help people who have suffered strokes, brain injuries, and mental health conditions.

Listen here
Yamaha Music and Chiltern Music Therapy Invite You to Discover The Power of Music, with Research Insights from CIMTR

Chiltern Music Therapy is proud to present an exciting live panel talk in collaboration with Yamaha Music London on April 24th at 5pm.

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Pioneering Music Therapy in Community Rehabilitation

We are proud to be the first music therapy organisation to join the Community Rehabilitation Alliance (CRA) and support their work advocating for universal access to rehabilitation services.

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Introducing 'Safe in Sound' - group music therapy sessions for people with Dementia with guest musicians from the English Sinfonia

Chiltern Music Therapy is excited to introduce 'Safe in Sound,' a research-based collaboration between Chiltern Music Therapy and The English Sinfonia, aimed at enriching the lives of those with dementia in Chesham and the surrounding area.

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Misconceptions about music therapy

Read about some of the misconceptions people have about music therapy

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Social Prescribing Day - Collaboration, Community and Wellbeing in Bucks

On 12th February 2024, Chiltern hosted a social prescribing day to highlighting existing community services, explore social prescribing pathways, and nurture collaboration amongst Buckinghamshire organisations and charities.

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New freelancer account for Outcomes Star

Find out more about our new account for freelancers to access the Star Online platform

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Introducing A Song for Life....Christmas

Watch our new Song for Life video

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Meet 9 year old, Aisha

Read her story
Social Enterprise Day

Did you know that Chiltern is a social enterprise?

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Techniques for Improving Mental Health in Children and Young People

Find out more about our upcoming new training

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We would like to introduce you to 14 year old, Josh

Read their story

Mark was one of the patients we supported at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

Read their story
Photos from our Inclusive Singing Afternoon at Waddesdon Manor

A few photos from our event on 23rd September 2023

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We would like to introduce you to Ruby

Read their story
Chiltern Training Q&A

We've answered your questions about our professional development offer

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Digital Accessibility Tips

We are started to collate some tips, recommendations and resources on how we can all be more digitally accessible

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Our 2022-23 Annual Report

We are delighted to share our 2022-22 Annual Report

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Meet our Norfolk-based Music Therapist

We would like to introduce you to our Music Therapist, Verity

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Reminiscence through a Song For Life

One of our Neurologic Music Therapists recently used our Song for Life card initiative at a regular Leicestershire Community Group for those with dementia, Parkinson’s and other age-related illnesses.

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Our Music Therapist, Fliss began sessions with 5 year old Harry last September.

Read their story
How to pick your Song For Life

Read our tips for picking your song for life

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The Song for Life Launch

We launched our Song for Life campaign!

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Environmental Report 2022-23

We are delighted to share our first Environmental Report

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Social media community guidelines

To ensure our social media channels remain an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment, please follow our social media guidelines

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Our journey with Digital Accessibility

Over the last few years, we have been making a conscious effort to improve the accessibility of our website, emails and social media platforms

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We would like to introduce you to Szymon who has shared his story.

Read his story
Waddesdon Manor and Rothschild Foundation Charity of the Year

We are delighted to have been chosen as the 2023 organisation!

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We’d like to introduce you to one of our patients - Richard*- who has Down’s Syndrome and experienced early developmental trauma.

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We've moved!

We have a new registered address

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Music Speaks For Itself

The Power of Non-Verbal Communication in Music Therapy to Support Children's Mental Health

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Music for Mental Health: A Children and Young People’s Crisis Appeal

Chiltern Music Therapy is proud to announce the launch of our new fundraising appeal, Music for Mental Health: A Children and Young People’s Crisis Appeal. 

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4 year old Evelyna has global development delay. See how Music Therapy with our therapist, Gareth is transforming her life

Read their story
Supporting those with dementia and Alzheimer's

Our Music Therapist, Vicky, shares her experiences of supporting those with dementia and Alzheimer's

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World Music Therapy Week 2023

Find out how we are celebrating World Music Therapy Week and how you can get involved!

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The Chiltern Music Therapy Impact Report 2021/2022

We are excited to share our annual impact report, covering the period from August 2021 to July 2022.

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Disability Day of Mourning

Today, 1st March is Disability Day of Mourning.

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Why should you sign up to our NEST Programme?

If you're a newly qualified Music Therapist, find out more about our programme made specially for you!

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Spring Training

Find out about out 2023 Spring Training programme

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Setting Personal Goals

January is typically a time for self-reflection and many of us like to set personal goals for the year. If this applies to you, we have 3 tips to help with this process

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2022 Roundup

Watch our 2022 highlights

Watch now
Reflecting on our Training: A Look Back at 2022

We took a look back at our training over the last 12 months

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Write a song with us this December! 

Find out how to get involved

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Grief and Music

This week is National Grief Awareness week and our Music Therapists Jessica and Briony shared some information on how music can help with grief

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Important work at Netherhall Care Home

Read about the important work our Music Therapist, Cath is doing at Netherhall Care Home

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Use Your Voice: Music Therapy with Trans and Non Binary People

For the final article in our #ChilternUseYourVoice campaign we are talking about music therapy with trans and non binary people

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World Prematurity Day

Did you know that 1 in every 13 babies born in the UK are premature? To support these babies and parents, we use music therapy in neonatal intensive care, which can reduce pain and shorten their stay.

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ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month and our therapist Laura wants to share some information on ADHD and how music can be used therapeutically for people with ADHD.

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Digital Music Therapy: Is it still relevant?

Digital music therapy, can it work? Do we still need it?

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How can music support the wellbeing of people living with dementia?

For World Alzheimer's Day 2022, our Music Therapist Becky explores the role of music with people living with dementia

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For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we want to introduce you to 4 year old Charlie

Read her story
The Reminiscence Bump

Have you heard of the reminiscence bump? Read our article to find out more!

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Song for Life

Today we are incredibly excited to launch our brand new tool for Music Therapists - Song for Life.

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Autism Acceptance

This week is World Autism Acceptance Week and we wanted to re-share this honest piece from our Autism Coach and Music Therapist Cléa who has autism

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Use Your Voice: Aphasia

We are passionate about empowering others to "use their voice" - whether this be musically, functionally and/or metaphorically.

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An introduction to NEST

Find out more about our NEST Programme for newly qualified Music Therapists.

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Autumn 2022 Training Programme

Find out about our Autumn 2022 training programme

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Back to school: Meet Hannah

A look back over the last year as we head back into schools

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Use Your Voice: Music therapy and selective mutism

For the fourth article in our #ChilternUseYourVoice campaign we are talking about music therapy and selective mutism

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Use Your Voice: Chiltern Insights Group

For the third article in our #ChilternUseYourVoice campaign we are launching our Insights Group!

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Use Your Voice: Non-verbal people

The second article in our #ChilternUseYourVoice campaign focusing on people who are non-verbal

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Advancing Healthcare Awards 2022 Winners

We are delighted that our Duet Portal won an Advancing Healthcare Award

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We are part of an exciting research study

We are part of the Music Interventions for Dementia and Depression in Elderly Care (MIDDEL) research study

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Our 2020-21 Annual Report

We are delighted to share our 2020-21 Annual Report

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Maternal Mental Heath

Birth trauma can have a significant impact on those giving birth and their families. For Maternal Mental Health Day, we wanted to highlight some of the ways that music can help to promote wellbeing during labour and birth

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Chesham Music Therapy Hub

We are delighted to be launching a Music Therapy Hub in the heart of Chesham

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We would like to introduce you to the wonderful, Claire and her carer, Lins.

Read their story
Using music with children with SEN

Our Music Therapist, Emma shares the benefits of using music with SEN

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Developing our training

Sharing our knowledge and expertise is a key value here at Chiltern Music Therapy. One of the ways in which we embody this is through the trainings we offer for other Music Therapists and community musicians. This year, we are expanding and diversifying our training in order to widen our reach within and also outside our profession.

Find out more
Why music in care homes is so important

Music and music therapy in care homes is so important, find out why

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Wellbeing at Chiltern

1 in 6 people experience mental health problems in the workplace - that’s over 14%. Over the past two years, we have worked hard to create a collaborative and caring operational system which is inclusive, regardless of personal circumstances.

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Identity disclosure in therapeutic relationships

This Pride month, we want to look into the benefits and risks of identity disclosure in therapeutic relationships

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We would like to introduce you to Keith, who has hugely benefited from attending our Silver Singers group

Read their story
Music Therapy and Mental Health

Our Music Therapist, Alice shares how they work with and support those struggling with their mental health through music therapy

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Secondary School Service in Leicestershire

Find out more about the work our Music Therapist Sabina has carried out at a mainstream secondary school in Leicestershire over the past two and half years.

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Monday Morning Music - Oxford Community Services

Learn more about the inspiring success of the Monday Morning Music Group, a music therapy initiative by Chiltern Music Therapy at Oxford Community Support Services day centre, designed to support adults with varied needs through personalised musical engagement.

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Neurologic Music Therapy Service at Royal Bucks Hospital

Find out about the impact of our 2 year Neurologic Music Therapy™ (NMT) service on the neurorehab unit at The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital.

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Music Therapy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Chiltern ran a successful Music Therapy Service in the paediatric wards and neonatal units at St Mary’s Hospital and Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare London, generously jointly funded by the Hummingbird Charitable Trust and Imperial Health Charity.

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Our 2021-22 Impact Report

We are delighted to share our 2021-22 Impact Report

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Using Music Tech in Neurologic Music Therapy

We used the MindHarp app in our neurologic music therapy sessions at Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Aylesbury and the results were very positive.

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Digital Aphasia Music Group

Our digital aphasia music groups launched in November 2020 in partnership with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and funded by Biffa. The groups aimed to enable stroke survivors and patients with communication difficulties to continue meeting other people in their community and attend a weekly social event during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Jamming Group - West Sussex

In partnership with West Sussex Mind, Chiltern Music Therapy ran a 12 week digital music jamming group project in 2021. The project was funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

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Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) at Homerton University Hospital

From March 2021 - April 2022, this Neurologic Music Therapy pilot service ran at the Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) at Homerton University Hospital. The pilot project was co-funded by Irwin Mitchell and Chiltern Music Therapy.

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'Sing To Beat Parkinson’s' Neurologic Music Therapy Group

In 2022 we ran a very successful singing group for people with Parkinson’s disease in Bath, kindly funded by Sing To Beat Parkinson’s, using Neurologic Music Therapy techniques.

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Buckinghamshire Neuro Rehab Unit - Neurologic Music Therapy pilot

In March 2021 Chiltern Music Therapy completed a 12 month pilot Neurologic Music Therapy service with Buckinghamshire Neuro Rehab Unit at Amersham Hospital. The pilot, co-funded by Heart of Bucks and Chiltern Music Therapy, took place in a very challenging time but still reports positive results despite the additional obstacles.

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Duet Portal

Identifying a need for more robust, systematic evaluation of these digital services and to assess the effectiveness of different types of music therapy provision, a comparative, qualitative study aimed to compare and explore the effects of remote digital music therapy, in-person therapy and multimodal combined music therapy delivery.

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Houghton Regis Singing Café

The Houghton Regis Singing Café is a weekly singing group focussed on the wellbeing of older adults who are isolated and those who have a diagnosis of early-mid stages of dementia. Participants are referred into the group by Social Prescribing Link Workers.

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School Voices - Our Music Therapy Services in Education

We offer half day and full day services within a range of educational settings, providing a mixture of one-to-one sessions, group music therapy or community music sessions. Click through to see a recent overview of our services in education settings.

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Special School Music Therapy service outcomes

Chiltern provides Music Therapy in individual and group sessions in a number of special schools in England, developing transferable skills for learning, developing social skills and supporting positive mental health.

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Trafford Intermediate Neuro Rehab Unit (INRU)

This 3-month Neurologic Music Therapy pilot service at the Intermediate Neuro Rehab Unit (INRU) at Trafford Hospital was charitably funded by the Trust and ran for 1 day a week from May 2022 - July 2022. The data collected demonstrates that Neurologic Music Therapy increases patient engagement in rehab, helps achieve rehab goals, and works well in collaboration with the existing therapies and interventions at INRU.

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Impact of Music Therapy in Mainstream Primary Schools

Chiltern supports children and young people with a range of needs including learning disabilities, mental health, social or behavioural difficulties. Our music therapy sessions are tailored to the child or young person to help meet their needs and reach their goals.

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Here are a few statistics showing our impact between August 2022 and March 2023

people accessed our services
28 weeks
was the age of our youngest client
people attended our trainings
of people were referred to support their SEMH
counties were covered
was the age of our oldest client
sessions delivered in person
new pilot studies took place
was generously donated