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Monday Morning Music - Oxford Community Services

The "Monday Morning Music Group," a pioneering initiative held at the Oxford Community Support Services day centre, offers a vivid illustration of the transformative power of music therapy in a community setting.

Between August and December 2023, adults with diverse needs including physical and learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and dementia, gathered weekly under the guidance of Chiltern Music Therapist Laura Mitchell.

With a focus on enhancing wellbeing through fun, engaging activities tailored to individual needs, the project exemplified a client-led approach. Through a blend of familiar tunes, interactive exercises, and the therapeutic use of musical instruments, the sessions sought to improve communication, motor skills, and overall quality of life.

Our therapist Laura reflects:

All twelve of the group members showed developments in not just the areas shown on the outcome star but in other ways too. In terms of mental wellbeing, it is the therapist’s opinion that the individuals appeared to be happier and as a result were able to engage and interact with each other more. The enjoyment and infectious energy from the group as a whole made for a warm, inviting and productive music group which was looked forward to each week by all.

The staff and participants agreed on the success of the project:

Absolutely brilliant. Everyone is engaging well, even people who don’t communicate verbally are showing their enjoyment and engagement through body language and expressions. (Staff Member)

The report below delves into the methodologies employed, the progress observed among the twelve service users, and the profound impact of consistency and personal attention in fostering a sense of community and individual growth within the group.

Supported by Gardens and Libraries of Oxford (GLAM), this initiative stands as a testament to the benefits of integrating music therapy into the fabric of community care.

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