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Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) at Homerton University Hospital

The 12 month pilot, co-funded by Irwin Mitchell and Chiltern Music Therapy, was run by Chiltern's Neuro Services Lead and Neurologic Music Therapist, Elizabeth Nightingale at the Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU). The RNRU is a 27-bed rehabilitation unit based at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, London. It is well known for using innovative rehabilitation techniques for patients affected by neurological injury and disease, in particular following traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Elizabeth ran Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) sessions for 2 days a week at the unit from March 2021 - end of April 2022. NMT is an evidence-based, neuroscientific model of music therapy. The Research-Based System is based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production and the influence of music on functional changes in non-musical brain and behaviour functions. It is made up of 20 Standardised Clinical Techniques for Sensorimotor Training, Speech/Language Training and Cognitive Training.

Music is an amazing way to facilitate increased repetitions of exercises that would otherwise feel very repetitive and boring - works great with those who disengage quickly in more traditional sessions and patients need repetitions to make change, so is so important! - physiotherapist

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