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Secondary School Service in Leicestershire

Following a successful pilot period of 6 weeks in September 2021, Chiltern Music Therapist Sabina has been delivering a full-day music therapy service at a mainstream secondary school in Leicestershire. This provision has covered one-on-one sessions for students referred for various reasons, such as emotional wellbeing, behaviours of concern, mental health support, and the development of self-confidence.

The staff and students agreed on the success of the project. 100% of students said they would recommend music therapy to a friend or family member who needed it.

One student reflected:

In music therapy I can sit in my head in a good way and not a self-destructive way.

And another student commented:

You are understanding and make me see things clearer. We clicked straight away and I really trust you.

Reflecting on her time spent working with the students, Sabina says

I have loved working alongside the vibrant and unique young people in this school. Their willingness to explore challenging topics through music and songwriting has been particularly inspiring, and it has been a privilege to support this process. Collaboration is at the heart of my work here and it has been instrumental that students feel in control and empowered during their music therapy sessions.

The report below, written by Sabina, provides more information about the aims of the therapy and its outcomes.

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