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Special School Music Therapy service outcomes

In educational settings, our specialist music therapy involvement is used for addressing EHCP outcomes, meeting new SEND reform guidelines. assessing child/student’s development through a non-verbal intervention and assisting with wider OFSTED requirements for personalised programmes of study.

Below is an example of the impact of our work supporting children and young people in special schools:

A Special School in Surrey

A total of eighteen children were able to access individual and group sessions, ranging from seven to thirty weeks of provision. Diagnoses of the children include severe to profound learning disabilities, autism and brain injury.

"I have never seen him engage so well in anything before... he has made so much progress this year" (teaching assistant at the school)

In order to monitor detailed progress in individual sessions, the Little Star © (below) was completed for each pupil at the start and end of therapy. The average outcome star readings show a significant improvement in emotional well-being and communication as well as progress in social skills, cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

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