Music Therapy Star Training (Full Day)

The Music Therapy Star has been designed specifically for children and adults receiving individual or group music therapy. It was originally developed with Music Therapists at Coram in 2011 and Chiltern Music Therapy are delighted to now be Triangle’s official training partners, delivering licensed training in this star for all UK–registered Music Therapists. The Music Therapy Star covers five areas relating to outcomes delivered by music therapy (relating, use of voice, attention and awareness, play and creativity, and emotional well-being.

This full day accredited training integrates the Music Therapy Star into everyday clinical practice, supporting the following clinical areas:

  • To help identify appropriate approaches and techniques to use within sessions.
  • To support goal-setting.
  • For monitoring and evaluation purposes.
  • For therapists and clients to identify areas of strength and growth.
  • For clients to see a visual representation of their Journey of Change.
  • To monitor readiness for discharge and/or referral into another service such as a community group.

Strategic beneficial reasons:

  • To evidence the efficacy of music therapy.
  • To thereby minimise the risk of any service reductions.
  • To support applications for new or ongoing funding.
  • To support new Music Therapy services or pilot projects.
  • To capture the key information increasingly required by senior leaders and management in every sector.

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