An introduction to NEST

We are very excited to be sharing information about NEST - our new development programme that offers newly or recently qualified Music Therapists the opportunity to advance their skills, knowledge and understanding in a creative and supportive environment. It will also provide them with a community of peers and mentors and ensure that they finish the programme with the tools to work in a variety of settings and with a range of clients.

The programme encompasses a blend of remote training, mentoring, support and peer-led group supervision sessions, designed specifically to meet the needs of Music Therapists who are new to the profession or who have returned from a career break/parental leave. 

Our drive and passion to share our knowledge and expertise is a key value at Chiltern. We are aware that in other professions, such as nursing, teaching and law, there are structured programmes for newly qualified practitioners that support the transition from university to the workplace, ensuring that those entering the profession are nurtured and developed at a crucial time in their careers. Developing a support system through peer networks is also critical at this stage. So, we have developed a pioneering programme that meets that need for new Music Therapists. 

As well as improving their knowledge and understanding by attending training and mentoring sessions, the programme will also help to build confidence and gain invaluable advice in our support sessions, online community and our 1:1 coaching. We don’t want any Music Therapists to feel alone or unsupported during the early stages of their career. 

"I cannot emphasise enough how much I wish I'd been able to access a training programme like this when I first qualified! Starting work as a Newly Qualified Music Therapist is always challenging but without some of the valuable knowledge that the NEST Programme offers, it's hard to be a competitive candidate against those with much more experience. As part of our interview team at Chiltern, I know what we look for as an employer, and we've used this insight to help shape this programme for the benefit of all Music Therapists looking to improve their employability, experience, and clinical practice" - Elizabeth Nightingale, Neurologic Music Therapist, Chiltern Music Therapy

So, why is this programme called NEST? It’s an acronym for Nurturing, Elevating, Supporting, Training. It does what it says on the tin!

The launch of this new professional development programme is a fantastic opportunity for recently qualified music therapists in the UK and we believe it is a great step forward for the profession.

Find out more and secure your place on the NEST programme page.

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