Back to school: Meet Hannah

The summer holiday gives us all a time to breathe and reset, and a chance to reflect on the journey that we have had over the previous year.

Each person that we worked with has had a different journey, overcoming different challenges and exploring different parts of their personality and emotions.

One child that really seized this opportunity was Hannah* - she really looked forward to her music therapy sessions every week, made a lot of steps forward towards her goals and her big smile brightened the room every week! Hannah is a very sociable and playful child and showed great talent for learning and expressing herself through music. She has global developmental delay and SOX2 mutation which affects her vision and mobility. Hannah particularly enjoyed playing the piano freely with her Music Therapist and creating improvised songs together, which her teachers reported that she would sing throughout the week.

Her sensory motor development was also supported in focused activities such as ‘catch the drum’ and ‘feel my voice’ and language skills were encouraged through targeted songs to promote use of 2 word phrases. By the end of her therapy provision she had a larger verbal repertoire, increased awareness of her environment and body, and her well-being and independence had improved. After being discharged she was given an activity programme to do in class to continue with her progress.

Our therapists have missed being at school these last few weeks and they can’t wait to get back into the music room and get to know more of the wonderful children this year!

*Name and photo are used for illustrative purposes only

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