Social media community guidelines

Our social media channels are for anyone who believes in our promise to strive for a caring world where music therapy is the transformative thread in everyday life. And our passion, which is to harness the power of music, inspire through human story and fascinate through science to light up a network of champions.

We’d love you to share stories, experiences, comments and join us in championing music therapy. To ensure our social media channels remain an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment, please follow our rules.

Do not share posts or comments that:

  1. Are derogatory, offensive, unlawful or abusive to others. 
  2. Reveal any personal, sensitive or confidential information.
  3. Are spam (posts containing the same message posted multiple times).
  4. Contain allegations and defamatory or insulting comments about named individuals or organisations.
  5. Advertise products or services for profit, gain or not associated with Chiltern Music Therapy.

We have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, abuse and hate speech of all forms on our channels – such content will be reported to the platform and users will be blocked from our channels. We reserve the right to hide, remove and report any posts that do not adhere to our guidelines or those that we think are potentially inappropriate or offensive. We will block users who consistently fail to follow these rules.

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