Techniques for Improving Mental Health in Children and Young People

A Look at an Upcoming Training Session from Chiltern Music Therapy

In today's complex social landscape, the mental health of our children and young people is a growing concern. While awareness is growing, we still need targeted strategies to effectively support children and young people. Our upcoming training session aims to tackle this issue by integrating insights from both clinical psychology and music therapy, equipping parents, caregivers, educators, and other professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to be more confident in supporting young people’s mental health.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Dr Lauren Daniel, an experienced clinical psychologist with a wealth of experience in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), leads the training along with Emma Phillipson, an experienced Music Therapist at Chiltern Music Therapy who specialises in working with children with additional needs.

Early Detection and Supportive Conversations

Participants will learn how to recognise early signs of mental health issues in young people, enabling a proactive rather than reactive approach to care.

Talking about mental health with a young person can be challenging. The training session aims to offer strategies for initiating and sustaining these critical conversations, paving the way for more effective mental health support.

Learning Through Clinical Examples

Dr Daniel will share real-life clinical cases to demonstrate how some of the ideas shared in the training can be used in practice. Her wealth of experience in child mental health services offers valuable insights that would be beneficial for anyone supporting the wellbeing of children and young people.

The Therapeutic Power of Music

Music Therapist Emma Phillipson will discuss the therapeutic power of music and explain how music can be used to improve mental wellbeing, whether in a clinical setting or at home.

An Opportunity for Reflection and Discussion

Attendees can share their own experiences, reflect on their practices, and seek advice from experts, making this a truly collaborative learning experience.

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