Write a song with us this December! 

Songwriting is a tool that is used by many of our Music Therapists. It can be used to support in a number of areas including the development of language and to help with the processing of emotions.

It can also be a really fun activity that anyone can get involved with. That’s why we want to write a Christmas song together with our supporters this year! Sound like fun?

Here’s how you can get involved:

Throughout December we will be sharing some prompts so that you can help write the song with us -

  1. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and answer the prompts as we share them throughout December or;
  2. If you would rather be emailed, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and select ‘Christmas songwriting 2022' when prompted. We’ll send the prompts straight to your inbox!

We’ve included the first prompt below so you know what to expect. The next one will be released on Monday.

⭐Day 1: ‘Winter Landscape’ ⭐

Imagine yourself in this winter landscape. What can you smell, taste, feel, see or hear?

Get involved using the links above!

A little note about our content in the lead up to Christmas

We know that not everyone celebrates Christmas and for some it can be a difficult time. That’s why this year we will only be posting Christmas content on Facebook and Instagram and a limited amount on our emails unless you sign up for it. This means that Twitter and LinkedIn will be Christmas-free and we will be sharing our usual music therapy content.

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