How to pick your Song For Life

The Song for Life card is designed to be there if you find yourself in times of trouble from a brain injury or dementia. Research has shown that music is processed in several different areas of the brain. This means that even if some areas are damaged, music can still reach others. In fact, music can help build new neural pathways around the damaged areas of the brain.

The tricky part is actually picking a song! We've put together a few tips below to help you out!

  • Reflect on your personal history: Consider moments, events, or periods in your life that hold special meaning or evoke strong emotions. Think about songs that were playing during those times or songs that were associated with important memories.
  • Identify emotions and connections: Reflect on the emotions you want your chosen song to evoke. Do you want a song that brings comfort, joy, nostalgia, or inspiration? Consider the themes, lyrics, and overall mood of the songs that resonate with you.
  • Consider your musical preferences: Think about the genres, artists, or specific musical styles that you are naturally drawn to. Explore songs within those genres that align with your emotional and personal preferences.
  • Seek inspiration and recommendations: Listen to a wide variety of music, both old and new. Explore different playlists, albums, or genres that you might not be familiar with. Discuss your search for a meaningful song with friends, family, or music enthusiasts who may have recommendations based on your preferences and experiences.
  • Listen and connect: As you listen to various songs, pay attention to your emotional response. Look for songs that resonate with you on a deep level, where the lyrics, melody, or overall composition create a strong connection or evoke a specific memory or feeling.
  • Test the connection: Once you have identified a potential song, take some time to listen to it repeatedly and assess if it maintains its significance and emotional impact over time. Ensure that the chosen song continues to evoke the intended emotions and memories consistently.
  • Share your story: When you have chosen your personal "Song for Life," take the opportunity to share the reasons behind your selection. Share your story, memories, and emotions associated with the song. Your unique narrative will inspire others and contribute to the overall impact of the campaign.

Remember, the most important aspect of choosing a song for yourself is that it holds personal significance and resonates with your experiences, emotions, and memories. Trust your instincts and choose a song that truly speaks to you and reflects your journey in life.

Think you've got your song? Head to our Song for Life page to get your card!

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