Important work at Netherhall Care Home

“Music therapy has given us more understanding of how music can reach people with dementia, even just through breathing and observing the whole body. I think it’s amazing, absolutely brilliant” - Activity Coordinator

A few weeks ago our Music Therapist Catherine Watkins was able to talk to one of the assessors from Derbyshire County Council about the important work she does at Netherhall Care Home. The home recently achieved the Dementia Premium Award, meeting 15 standards of dementia care!

Each week Catherine runs a group focused on reaching and engaging those with moderate to severe dementia, she also works 1:1 with individuals who are unable to access the group.

Catherine said of the work she does at Netherhall:

"Music reaches even the 'hardest-to-reach' residents creating small moments of connection through rhythm, melody and improvised or familiar songs. Each week someone amazes me with their level of engagement - this week it was the mouthing of a few words followed by eye-opening and a smile from a lady with severe dementia who rarely communicates. In the group, a resident said 'sometimes you just get the beat'. From a therapist's perspective, that is enough, to know we are finding a way to make a difference."

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