We would like to introduce to 14 year old Josh* who has recently started having music therapy in his SEN school. Josh’s dad was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and sadly died not long after. He was referred to music therapy to help with his mental and emotional wellbeing. After his dad died, he became withdrawn and hardly ever engaged with his peers and teachers and his mood was very low.

During his first session with his Music Therapist, he shared how much he enjoyed music and together they started off listening to music in their sessions. Initially, Josh would sit in silence with his head down but as the therapist continued to play other songs, he began to whisper a few words and over time became more confident to sing louder.

At the end of the session, Josh shared how much he loved singing and that it was something he enjoyed doing. He also shared how he felt safe in the session and he trusted the Music Therapist. Josh and his Music Therapist are continuing to work together and are writing songs to help him process the loss of his dad.

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