“The sessions were so enjoyable and motivational, I could actually see a difference each session. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wait to tell my family all about what I had been doing”

Mark was referred to music therapy at the hospital because he had a severe spinal cord injury and he wanted to increase his range of movement and to improve his vocal capacity.

Our Music Therapist provided 15 face-to-face sessions with Mark and also gave him homework to do in between so he could keep practising!

Over just a short period of time, the progress that Mark made was amazing! He was less tired during his music therapy sessions because the music was able to distract him from the pain. He suffered from spasms when he tried to move, but this reduced when he did the exercises with his Music Therapist and his respiratory strength improved.

Following his sessions and his improvements in movement and speech, Mark was able to integrate back into his social life and hang out with his friends and he no longer felt different. Most importantly to Mark, his rehab meant that he was able to do his favourite pasttime again - karaoke!

It's been an absolute privilege to support patients, like Mark, at the hospital.

*name and image changed to protect identity

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