Setting Personal Goals

Goal writing is an integral part of the music therapy process. Every person we work with is different so goals are always personalised to meet the needs of the individual.

January is typically a time for self-reflection and many of us like to set personal goals for the year. If this applies to you, we have 3 tips to help with this process:

1. Get to Know Yourself

A music therapy assessment provides Music Therapists with an opportunity to observe and familarise themselves with the client, before goal setting.

Luckily, you are already one step ahead - no one knows yourself better than you do! When you are considering setting personal goals, it is important to reflect on your journey to this point. Try asking yourself these questions:

What is important to me? What could enhance my life further? Can I identify any potential obstacles in the way of achieving personal success? How would I feel after reaching my goal/s?

2. Think SMART

You may have heard of using the SMART goal criteria, but just in case you haven't, SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (or Realistic), and Time-Bound. Some Music Therapists use this method with their clients, as it is an effective way of providing a sense of direction, motivation and clear focus for your goals. Have a go at using the SMART criteria if you would like to add more structure with your goal setting!

3. Check In and Break It Down!

Music therapy is a collaborative, ongoing process, so it is important to check in with clients on a regular basis.

A lot can change within the space of 12 months, so check in with yourself at least once within the year to ensure your goals are still realistic and relevant to you. If you need to amend your goals, don't feel disheartened - we are all guilty of setting goals that are difficult to attain. You could always break it down using a goal ladder by writing your main goal at the top of the ladder. Work your way through the rest of the ladder steps, writing down the smaller goals you need to achieve in order to achieve your main goal.

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