Social Enterprise Day

Did you know that Chiltern is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses that trade for a social or environmental purpose. Like any other business, we look to make a profit, but it is what we do with that profit that sets us apart: reinvesting the majority to further our vital mission.

So why is Chiltern a Social Enterprise? Our Founder, Rosie, shares why she set Chiltern up using this model.

“What initially attracted us to the social enterprise model was it's structure and flexibility - giving us the ability to get music therapy sessions up and running as soon as possible. Organisational models than run on a project by project or grant by grant basis are often unsuitable when you deliver therapy - we need to be able to provide sustainability and longevity in therapy session, so we can give people the support in a way that meets their needs. The social enterprise model gives us the ability to fundraise for our passion projects and to support the most vulnerable in our community whilst building a sustainable financial model through our trading income with services to schools, hospitals and care homes.

We love being part of the social enterprise community - entrepreneurs who put people rather than profit at the heart of their organisations are people we love to collaborate and connect with. We continue to learn so much from other inspiring social enterprises in our sector and know the value and contribution they make to a better society.”

So there you go! Chiltern is one of 100,000 social enterprises in the UK working to benefit people and planet!

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