Social Prescribing Day - Collaboration, Community and Wellbeing in Bucks

To spotlight existing community services, showcase the benefits of social prescribing and foster collaboration, Chiltern Music Therapy’s recent Social Prescribing Day at the White Hill centre in Chesham, brought together a dynamic mix of participants from a range of Buckinghamshire organisations, charities and county council services. The event aimed to raise awareness, strengthen partnerships, and lay the groundwork for future referrals and creative initiatives within the community.

The day began with a warm welcome from Chiltern Music Therapist Gareth, setting the tone for an interactive and engaging agenda. Attendees kicked off proceedings with a group sing-along, followed by a productive and enjoyable networking session, allowing participants to connect and learn more about each other's work and organisations.

Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Music

An integral part of the event was a community-focused presentation that delved into the role of music therapy in enhancing well-being. Through the use of case studies and videos, attendees gained valuable insights into the therapeutic benefits of music and its potential to unite communities.

Participants also found out about Chiltern’s new inclusive dementia group project, made possible with £7,000 funding from The Clare Foundation, which will offer therapeutic music sessions for individuals with neurodegenerative and mental health conditions. Led by Chiltern Music Therapists, in partnership with professional musicians from The English Sinfonia, the project aims to enhance communication and quality of life through music, with referrals being accepted from Social Prescribers and local organisations. The project will conclude with a community music therapy performance in Chesham on 14th July.

Workshop: Addressing Challenges and Brainstorming Solutions

The afternoon workshop addressed key questions about what's propelling our work forward and the challenges we face in social prescribing. The group brainstormed solutions to enhance visibility, manage demand, foster collaboration, diversity, communication, and secure funding, collectively aiming to lighten the workload and improve the effectiveness of social prescribing initiatives.

Throughout the day, participants were treated to music sessions such as group drumming, further emphasising the transformative power of music in fostering connection and joy.

Reflections and Feedback

Feedback from participants overwhelmingly praised the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations, the well-paced nature of the event and the variety of engaging activities. Many expressed a newfound confidence in their understanding of social prescribing and highlighted the value of the event in promoting collaboration and community well-being.

The event's impact on participants was demonstrated by noticeable improvements in their well-being, as indicated by umbrella scores on the UCL Wellbeing Tool, showing an increase in inspiration, enthusiasm, happiness, alertness, and activeness among participants. The overall wellbeing score amongst participants increased by 40% by the end of the day.

Looking ahead, this event shows the potential of community engagement and collaboration to drive positive change. By nurturing connections and highlighting the benefits of social prescribing, we can work together to create cohesive and effective pathways of care for individuals in our community.

We would like to extend a big thank you to organisations that have supported our Chesham hub development, including the Rothschild Foundation, Heart of Bucks and The Clare Foundation, and to all of the Buckinghamshire organisations who joined us at our social prescribing day and contributed to the success of this inspiring event.

Photos from the day

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