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Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

For children or adults without a specific diagnosis, or following a trauma or bereavement access help or support can be be difficult.

Although talking can be very much a part of the Music Therapy process, it is certainly not essential and this means that for many, it is perceived as a less threatening form of therapy and accessible to everyone regardless of communication skills.

Support with behavioural issues

Behavioural issues can be difficult to manage in school, home and residential settings. Our Music Therapy team has extensive experience using behavioural approaches to identify triggers and work on developing alternative strategies to manage behaviours which may be challenging.

Children and young people

who don't want to access traditional talking therapies, find that Music Therapy can be an engaging and less-formal method of dealing with particular difficulties or emotions. The use of music technology, including iPads, means that the Music Therapist is well-equipped to work with any genre of music that is engaging to the child or young person. Sessions may incorporate improvising, jamming and lyric and song-writing.


who have suffered a bereavement or trauma may find that some emotions and feelings are too difficult to put into words. Some may have tried other therapies but not found them helpful and some may simply want to try something that isn't so reliant on talking. Music Therapy can be a fantastic alternative method of communicating feelings and emotions alongside discussion.

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Music as Healing: In conversation with Yamaha Europe and Rosie Axon

Chiltern Music Therapy founder, Rosie Axon, recently spoke on the Benefits of Music podcast from Yamaha Music Europe to discuss how music therapy can help people who have suffered strokes, brain injuries, and mental health conditions.

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