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Mental Health

We support children and adults with a whole variety of mental-health difficulties, at home and within the community.

Our main focus is to improve a person's mental health and well-being and to help people feel accepted and valued both in their circle of family and friends but also within their communities.

Music Therapy goals work on managing difficult or distressing thoughts, feelings and emotions and look at developing alternative coping strategies to help during difficult times.

Through group work, we also look at helping people understand different ways of relating to others and how to manage personal, family, peer and working relationships.

Our team have wide ranging experience within in-patient and community setting, across the public, charity and private sectors of mental health and work alongside other Allied Health Professionals in this field.

Through our Music for All scheme we have also been able to provide jamming groups for people who have, or have had mental-health difficulties, which have had a profound impact on many of the members, some of whom have gone onto create bands and perform locally.

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