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Life Limiting Conditions & Palliative Care

Purpose of music therapy?

  • To support a child, young person, adult and their family in their journey through end of life by responding to their wishes and needs
  • To recognise the spiritual and cultural needs of the child, young person or adult
  • To offer opportunities to explore mood, anxiety, life story past and present within the safe structure of shared music making, listening, song writing, talking
  • To provide an opportunity to succeed at something new at a time when independence and normal activities are challenging or lost
  • To support the team surrounding the child, young person, adult and their family with musical engagement

Benefits of music therapy?

  • A non-verbal activity at a time when talking may feel difficult
  • Opportunities to explore emotions non-verbally
  • Experience of independence as a musician at a time of dependency.
  • Self respect
  • Shared, creativity with the therapist and where relevant, family and friends.
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