Introducing A Song for Life....Christmas

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Our team have been hard at work producing a new short film that showcases the power of a Song for Life.

As the holiday season approaches, we are inviting people to reflect on a poignant question: If you had to choose just one song that brings up a meaningful memory, what would it be?

Nobody knows what’s around the corner. At Chiltern Music Therapy we want to help people if they find themselves in times of trouble from a brain injury or dementia. Which is why we’re encouraging people to choose a Song for Life that will provide comfort in the face of these conditions.

Your Song for Life will help your loved ones reach you in your time of need. Originally introduced as a discussion topic in community music therapy sessions, Chiltern Music Therapy is actively encouraging everyone to take part by contemplating and writing down their Song for Life choice on a dedicated Song For Life Card.

Available to purchase or download from, the Song For Life card has been designed as a gift to your future self. It fits inside your wallet alongside your donor card and driver's licence and can be kept there in case you ever need it. Your selected Song for Life becomes a unique connection point for your loved ones to reach you if you have a brain injury or dementia.

Research has shown that music is processed in several different areas of the brain. This means that even if some areas are damaged, music can still reach others. In fact, music can help build new neural pathways around the damaged areas of the brain.

Speaking about Song For Life, Rosie Axon, Founder of Chiltern Music Therapy said:

"It's so important to us at Chiltern that we can encourage people to remember that music has the power to be truly life-changing in some of life's hardest moments. For any of us, who may experience a time when we are unable to express our wishes, such as through a brain injury or diagnosis of dementia,  these cards are a beautiful and simple way to give your family or friends the information they need, to reach us through the power of music."

Having a predetermined Song for Life will be helpful for both you and your loved ones if they need it.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose a Song for Life,  which is why we have put together some top tips to help you choose yours.

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